Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Monday Night Report

Another Monday evening has passed and as always, it was taken up with a visit to my mother's condo in Richmond, for supper with my octogenarian, and soon to be nonagenarian mother, my dear sweet sister, and my absolutely adorable niece. It was our great fortune, that my brother-in law was not there again tonight. Having finally gotten over the loss of our sister, he has become attracted to another woman, and their plans appear to be superseding ours. All of us wish him the best, but are secretly happy that he is slowly separating himself from us.(If you find this relationship puzzling, email me and I'll clue you in.) Unfortunately that means his already aloof daughter will be even more estranged. That's truly a shame, because she's such a dear, but at 22 she has an active social life of her own, and I clearly remember my own desire to separate myself from anyone over 30 at that age, so C'est La Vie!

After the big spread that Mom laid out just last Thursday for Thanksgiving, I didn't expect an elaborate meal this evening, and of course I was right. Tonight it was just a simple tossed salad, and some home baked frozen pizza, but I did make sure to rob Mom's freezer, for some Butter Pecan ice cream, while the rest enjoyed Key Lime Pie, for desert!

When I got there tonight, my sister was already there, and my niece was curled up under the covers on my mother's bed, in a semi fetal position. The poor baby had just undergone a DNC this afternoon, (That's a Dusting and Cleaning, for any males who happen to be snooping in here!), and she was still recovering from the anesthesia. The poor thing had to go without eating for nearly a day, so that there would be no complications during her procedure, and she was absolutely starved by suppertime. The trouble was, her doctor said no greasy food, so pepperoni and cheese pizza was out for her. Fortunately, Mom had a can of chunky beef soup that she heated up for her, and she did enjoy a piece of the Key Lime Pie!

I can't even tell you how much I adore my niece! I love her dearly! She is such a sweet girl, and she is so naturally funny, because she has virtually no inhibitions. My sister (in her wisdom) allowed her to be whoever she wanted to be, while growing up, and it shows! Never having to hide any part of oneself while growing up, will give you that kind of self-confidence, and make you so much more approachable. My niece is one of the most approachable people I know! I just love her!

After supper, we pulled up the flash mob video, of the choir singing the Halleluja Chorus in the shopping mall food court, from Simone's blog a couple of days ago, and mom just loved it! Isn't that video just wonderful? I must have gone back to it at least a dozen times, after first seeing it! The choir that got together to do it, did such an excellent job of not only choreographing the event, but their singing was just excellent!

While writing this, I've been listening to various CD's tonight, from Jethro Tull's Aqualung, to Bob Dylan's Highway 61 Revisited, and then finally on to Paul McCartney's Wingspan! Being a rabid Beatles fan, I was so happy that Paul and Linda continued the musical tradition of the Beatles for another decade! This of course does nothing to diminish the accomplishments of Dylan and Ian Anderson. I'll never forget the evening, that I sat in dumbstruck wonder, and watched the magnificent Ian Anderson play his flute, while perched on one leg like a crane, with his magnificent band, Jethro Tull, at the Mosque in Richmond, back in the early seventies! One of those wonderful memories that will be forever be etched into my psyche!

Never let anyone tell you who, or what you are! The fact is, our life's narrative is uniquely our own. Regardless of how others choose to define us, our definition belongs to us, and us alone! We alone define who we are!

Melissa XX


eleanor said...

I just saw the you-tube video of Halleluja at the Mall and I have to agree it was wonderful. Very well put together. And yes, your niece is very lucky to have you in her life, a caring, loving person.

Hugs, Elly

helenchapel2 said...

Thank you for your lovely message.
Its so good to hear from you again. and you made me feel so welcomed back.

I'll be back soon.
Thank you again

Naukishtae said...

Melissa.. great post..Last paragaph.. well spoken my dear, very well spoken.. be blessed dear friend..

Naukishtae XX