Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Seven Deadly Sins Of Narcissism

The following was taken from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Narcisism. Of course the curse of Narcissism, is that the Narcissist is incapable of recognizing the following signs within themself, and in fact will call on their wiles to vehemently and skillfully deny them.

Narcissism's Seven Deadly Sins

- Shame is the feeling that lurks beneath all unhealthy narcissism, and the inability to process shame in healthy ways.

Magical thinking - Narcissists see themselves as perfect using distortion and illusion known as magical thinking. They also use projection to dump shame onto others.

Arrogance - A narcissist who is feeling deflated may reinflate by diminishing, debasing, or degrading somebody else.

Envy - A narcissist may secure a sense of superiority in the face of another person's ability by using contempt to minimize the other person.

Entitlement - Narcissists hold unreasonable expectations of particularly favorable treatment and automatic compliance because they consider themselves special. Failure to comply is considered an attack on their superiority, and the perpetrator is considered an "awkward" or "difficult" person. Defiance of their will is a narcissistic injury that can trigger narcissistic rage.

Exploitation - can take many forms but always involves the exploitation of others without regard for their feelings or interests. Often the other is in a subservient position where resistance would be difficult or even impossible. Sometimes the subservience is not so much real as assumed.

Bad Boundaries - narcissists do not recognize that they have boundaries and that others are separate and are not extensions of themselves. Others either exist to meet their needs or may as well not exist at all. Those who provide narcissistic supply to the narcissist are treated as if they are part of the narcissist and be expected to live up to those expectations. In the mind of a narcissist, there is no boundary between self and other.

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Amy K. said...

Sadly, I know quire a few who could fit this bill. Maybe we could send them to Narcissists Anonymous? ;)

Amy K. said...

Quite a few, even.

Karen said...

I came across one at the weekend who was quite disgusting and did not like that some people were ignoring her antics. I was talking to a couple of other Tgirls. and I ended up with a drink soaking one leg of my jeans after she knocked it over passing by the table. I decided to leave the pub as it just wasn't worth the hassle.
Your list describes her, but she was also just disgusting with what she was doing and saying to gain attention.

Stephanie said...

And Sarah Palin comes to mind!

Tina said...

I read the dreadful thread that brought this about and I totally get it. I lived under the fist of a narcisistic father in-law who, in the end destroyed everything and everyone in his path, including my family. The best way to handle a narcissist is to stay as far away as possible. Avoid them at all costs.

Anonymous said...


Common Teri said...

Sadly my mom is a classic narcissist.

I don't doubt Palin is more woman than many of us but to consider her presidential material is a sad reflection of just how messed up our country is. She's better suited to be a cheerleader. "Drill baby drill!"

Ms.LizzyBeth said...

Interesting, but the big question is if you know what one is labeled when she does recognize and admit to having such traits because then you will have a fun label to use upon me. Personally I prefer to keep it simple and just use the word "great" but feel free to locate the clinical term if you feel so inclined.

Anne did manage to say something half right, we may not be jealous of her (Anne, not Sarah, er, OK, maybe both of them) but she does have a way of making people green.