Friday, November 19, 2010


My new computing equipment just keeps on astounding me! If you have followed my blog, then you will know that I have had a problem with a certain aspect of the Blogger experience. That is, ever since switching from dial-up to wireless, I have been unable to post comments on any blog with the embedded comment box at the bottom of the post. Well.....since I plugged in my brand new wireless USB modem from Verizon, I now have full functionality on Blogger! So, all of you bloggers using the Blogger default embedded comment setting, keep an eye out for comments from Melissa! There are several of you who I've wanted to leave comments with for quite some time now, and I've always been sad that I couldn't.

Absentee Bloggers
We have all know bloggers that we were fond of, who simply vanished into the night, never to return again. Not being one who likes to panic (even though I do on occasion), I paid no mind, to when Sophie seemed to stop blogging. Sometimes people just want to take a break, and I know first hand that Sophie was very busy, tending to the requirements of her transition, so a leave of absence was not at all unexpected. (But was it a leave of absence, or was it.......a leaf of absinth...........) Oh my, there goes the silly side of my brain again. I assure you, it's quite uncontrollable. Now I'm picturing Sophie sitting somewhere in a cafe on the left bank, with a strange glass of milky green liquid before her. Well, at any rate I emailed Sophie just to inquire how things were going, and I found out she had even closed her email account! We belong to the same support group, but I haven't been to the last three meetings, and by the last comments she left on my blog a couple of months ago, I think she many not have gone recently either.

So, I don't have a clue as to what she is thinking about the rest of us. She has left a comment, or two on other blogs, that I have noticed, but she reamins un-linkable and un-e-mailable.

Home Repairs and Other Pains in the Ass
Owning a home is a royal pain in the ass! As Roseanne Roseannadana used to say, "It's always something!". When the workman replaced my well pump and pressure tank last week, he brought to my attention the fact that the the wooden framing, holding up the plywood cover to the crawlspace where the pressure tank was located, had rotted away, and the plywood cover had fallen into the opening. He recommended that I get it replaced very soon, because when temperatures drop severely, the cold wind blowing on my pressure tank and its associated valves, will likely freeze up my water works. So, I have another project to attend to. I will have to make the long trek back into Richmond, and get an appropriate size piece of plywood cut, to fasten over the opening. Since it is under the rear deck and no one can see it, I'm not going to bother hiring a carpenter to reframe the opening. I think I will just fasten a piece of plywood to the cinderblock over the opening with masonry screws. "Keep it simple stupid", is my motto!

And speaking of the late Gilda Radner
Here is a lovely little treasure of her, and the late Madeline Kahn together back in the day. Both of them always made me smile, but only when they weren't making me laugh hysterically with their crazy antics.

Melissa XX

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Amy K. said...

Hello Madeline!!! So funny. Hehe!

How strange that a modem would make the difference. Well, have fun commenting away on those old blogs. I hope you have a really nice weekend. :)