Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Early Color In The Piedmont

These aren't the best pictures. Unfortunately, they were all taken in haste. Some from a moving vehicle, and some with a slightly shaky hand. If you click on each pic, you can open it up, and another click will expand it to full size. These beautiful trees are analogous to all of us. Some are in a more advanced state of development than others. Some seem to have barely progressed at all, and some will do their utmost, only to turn brown and go dormant. Yet all are beautiful in their own right.

Melissa XX


Anonymous said...

Nice!...But it never lasts long enough :( suzi

Melissa said...

@ Suzi

You're right it doesn't last long enough. By Thanksgiving, the trees are stripped bare, but there is a clean sort of beauty about that too. Truth be told, summer is my least favorite season. Too hot, too humid, too many bugs, and too much grass to cut! I love this time of year, up until mid to late January, then the cold, the ice and the snow start to get old real fast.

Melissa XX