Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Long Night Begins In Chile

Hurray! After more than two months trapped underground, the first of 33 miners has been brought to the surface! A fifteen to twenty minute trip, through over 2,000 feet of solid rock, in a 28" shaft! If that wouldn't give me a heart attack, I'm sure I would be stark raving mad from claustrophobia, by the time I reached the surface! I hope they get every one of those miner out, and then give them all an early retirement, with full benefits! They deserve it!

Melissa XX


Stace said...

Before I had my shower this morning the news reader said the first was out. When I got out he said the second was out. It's not often I smile at the news, but I did then. So happy that this mining accident gets a good ending.


Melissa said...

Hi Stace!

There are still many miners to be rescued. I sincerely hope they all get out without any difficulties.

My grandfather on my mother's side was a coal miner in Pennsylvania, and he died in a mine cave-in, a year before I was born, so I have a special place in my heart for all miners, especially those trapped underground.

Melissa XX

Jenny said...

Yes, a good news morning!

I hope they manage all the media and other attention they'll get now.

Caroline said...

Good news, now that's a rare thing. I hoped that they would get something to calm them down for the journey, then again claustrophobia is a scary thing, even reading about it gets me in a bad state!

Caroline xxx

Elly said...

Yes, it is good news. I found myself silently crying this morning when I saw the BBC clip of the first miner out, had to get the kleenex out and thankfully I've got a cube wall. It would be so difficult to get inside that cage and make the trip to freedom.

Elly with tears

Stace said...

Up to 19 now according to the BBC...

Let's hope the good news keeps coming.