Thursday, October 21, 2010


I've spoken before about my love for the works of Gustav Mahler. Listening to this snippet of his Symphony No.1, 1st movement, is it any wonder why? This is on my list of music to meet my maker by! The trouble is, I'm an agnostic. I wonder if my maker will be there to share it with me?

Maker or not, who could ever resist the magnificent voice of Luciano Pavarotti? My sister shared this with me today, and I would be remiss to not share it with you. It's quite famous, so I know you have all heard it before, but how could you not want to hear it again? From Turandot, Luciano Pavarotti sings Nessun Dorma. If there are angels, some of them must sound like this!

Melissa XX


Stace said...

I love that piece of music...


Caroline said...

I loved that piece of music until it was contaminated for all time by being the theme tune to TV programmes about some world ball kicking competition so no that is the first thing which springs to mind. It was played in trails for the programmes all day so nobody could sleep without it waking them up to remind them that all the schedules had been rearranged yet again because there was to be more ball kicking which they had been too stupid to organise ahead of time! I hate ball kicking btw.

Caroline xxx

Melissa said...

@ Caroline

That is sad indeed! I know what you are talking about, because corporate interests often co-opt popular themes to sell their tripe here too. You try to separate the art from the advertising campaigns, but you are so over exposed to their ads, that it's ruined for you. Their ought to be law against it! The trouble is, those that make the ads, stuff the pockets of the pols!

Melissa XX

Anonymous said...

Sent you an e-mail, hope you get it Ok,

Miss you.
Helen Chapel

Veronica said...

Beautiful to listen to in the morning! That's a very good recording too.