Sunday, October 24, 2010

For Caroline

Isn't this one of your favorites?

Melissa XOXO


Caroline said...

Oh YES! Turned the volume all the way to 11.

There is a new release of his music which someone lent me recently but none of it has anything like this raw enthusiasm. I should send you a copy of the British double spread cover for Electric Ladyland which will bring a smile to your face. The US cover was pathetic!

Thanks, going to play it again, click.

Big smile and fingers twitching.

Caroline xxx

Rachel said...

This performance of Hey Joe/Sunshine Of Your Love" on "It's happening for Lulu" will always be my favourite ...


1. the intro
2. the smile at 1:44
3. the musical Beatles reference at 2:02
4. Hendrix forgetting the words at 2:19
5. The fluidity of the solo at 2:26
6. The famous halt and Cream dedication at 2:59
7. Going on so off script that the show just goes off air at 3:54


Rachel XXX

Caroline said...

So Rachel is a real conasewer!

A famous piece of tv which used to be so prim and proper for such a force of nature.

Once you play one utube video your life just vanishes...

So much stuff out there!

Caroline xxx

Lisa Maria said...

Jimi who????????



Caroline said...

poor Lisa is too young to understand.

Caroline xxx

Veronica said...

@Rachel: Brilliant! I'd never seen that before. Love the playing, but oh, that smile (melts).