Saturday, October 23, 2010

We Are Not Psychopaths!

A little eccentric maybe, but certainly not off our rockers!

The recent sensational news reports, and lurid photos of the twisted former Canadian Air Force Base commander, who broke into the homes of women and adolescent girl's to steal their underwear, and who eventually raped and brutally murdered two women, has undoubtedly sent shockwaves through the trans community. Is there any doubt, that there are now ignorant transphobes saying, "See! I told you that those people are all sick!"

But let's get real. Col. Williams was a psychopath, plain and simple. It has long been known, that trans people are categorically among some of the most peaceful nonviolent people on the planet. Make sure that you let everyone who makes that simple minded equation, know what the truth is. The media outlets that reported this story should have had the decency to make that distinction, but in this new age of yellow journalism, sensationalism is all that matters. The scum!

On A Lighter Note

Tonight I enjoyed one of my favorite Saturday night pastimes; watching re-runs of Are You Being Served, and Keeping Up Appearances on my local Public Television station. Are You Being Served has to be one of the funniest sit-coms ever. There are not many shows on TV that will invoke audible laughter from me, but I laugh out loud (That's LOL! to all of you texters.*wink*) every time I watch that show. I just love all of the characters, especially Mrs. Slocombe, and Mr. Humphries. I've probably seen most of the shows, because PBS has been running them every weekend since the early 90's, but I still laugh every time I see them. I used to think that All In The Family was the best sit-com from that era, but I think Are You Being Served out shines even that venerated comedy.

And of course who couldn't laugh at the hysterical antics of social climbing, Hyacinth Bucket, and her embarrassing dysfunctional extended family, in Keeping up Appearances? Great comedies, both! I'm so glad they are both still in syndication.

Melissa XX


Caroline said...

Clearly born on the wrong side of the ocean.

Caroline xxx

Halle said...

One of the best parts of being Canadian is having natural links to neighbours both south and 'across the pond'.

We need to find more ways to laugh together and at ourselves too (something we are pretty good at; Canadians that is... guess we have lots to laugh about, eh?).

Thanks for the reminder that it is up to us to remind the rest of the world that a psychopath is not representative of any other group, he is just a psychopath. As Calie pointed out, all you needed to do is look at the hatred that showed in his photos to know what he was and was not.


Melissa said...

@ Caroline

Melissa XX

Melissa said...

@ Halle

Some of my favorite comedians hail from Canada.

Melissa XX

Lisa Maria said...

Both classics I have to admit.
I also like things like "Red Dwarf" and "Only fools and horses."
Actually another great one I used to enjoy was "Men behaving badly"
Not sure if you get any of those and if they suit your humour but they are worth a watch.

Caroline said...

Clearly at heart you are one of us.

As for Canada, I watched Canadian humour for ten weeks in '67 and did not laugh once. Even my Canadian friends say you have to have been born there to understand it.

Caroline xxx

mrslickiv6 said...

If I could.. Without steping on caroline's toes.. My mother was born in england so I was exposed to english comedy early in my life. I would characterize there comedy a "dry" and intelligent. They usually require some thoughts to there jokes. Unlike America's "Comedy Channel" which usually is "blue "(sexual explicit) or there "premise" of a joke takes 5 minute To show and you "got it" in the first few seconds. since I live here I often watch USA shows and think they could write and show so much better!