Saturday, January 2, 2010

All Snug In My Burrow

This time of year, I feel somewhat like rodent in my burrow. From time to time, I'll stick my head out of my hole to survey the surrounding scene, then quickly dart back to the warmth and solitude of my figurative underground home. I just emerged from my burrow to stand on the rear deck in the moonlight, and take in the winter nightscape. Looking out across the frozen pond in the light of the one day old blue moon, Christmas lights were still illuminating some of my neighbor's houses. Some will continue on, burning their electric candles in their windows, until Ash Wednesday, when the beginning of Lent will usher in a period of abstinence and self sacrifice, culminating in Easter and the joyous return of Spring and self-indulgence!

But right now? Brrrrrrr! Winter is in full swing, and it's a mere 23∘F out there right now, and it's supposed to drop to a frosty 16∘by morning. I love the feel of cool air on my legs, clad only in a thin layer of nylon, but 9∘below freeing is a bit too much! Back into my burrow!

The Burrow isn't all that bad. Although admittedly a hovel, thanks mainly to my shameless procrastination and sloth, it is warm, and there is a comfortable chair waiting for me in front of the I- Mac, TV and radio. It's Saturday night, and as I type this blog entry, I have the TV turned on and tuned to a move channel with the sound turned off, and National Public Radio playing on the stereo. My interpretation of multitasking!

Saturday night on NPR is departure from their normal classical fair. It begins at 6:00PM with Garrison Keillor's Prairie Home Companion, a couple of hours of live theater, traditional American Folk, Country, Blues, and humor. Next comes a local show, created by a fellow named Page Wilson. Broadcasting from the Chickahominy Swamp in Hanover County Va., Wilson presents a show that consists of what he likes to call "real American mongrel music", basically it's just folk, country, and delta blues.

That's followed by another NPR show for the next two hours, called Mountain Stage, a collage of folk, county, blues, and low keyed country, jazz and blues inspired rock.

The evening culminates with a show of alternative, and progressive classic electric rock called The Electric Croude. (Yep! that's how it's spelled!) Billed as, "a broad sonic spread of progressive, folk, jazz and more", The Electric Croude, at just an hour long, is way too short, especially for a night owl, like me.

This is turning out to be a particularly long cold winter. It looks like I will be spending a fair amount of time in my burrow, so it is incumbent upon all of you, to help keep me entertained with your most interesting confessions! You haven't let me down in the past, so I'm counting on you girls to keep dishing it up! But don't worry, I'll be happy to continue doing the same for you!

Happy New Year everyone!
Melissa XX


caroline said...

Thanks for the snow and ice you have sent my way. A short while shifting snow and ice on the path to my front door and I shall be back in my burrow too. Someone who has too much food because of guests have failed to turn up is heading our way, who needs to go out?

Caroline xxx

Lucy Melford said...

A hovel?

Oh well, you'll just have to have a good spring clean - when spring comes! Can't really do it before, when you're walking in mud and slush and that.

I try to dust and polish in the spring too. Most springtimes anyway. I'm qute good at keeping things tidy.

Happy New Year!


Sophie said...

Well, I for one have to venture outside my burrow this morning to get to church. It is 21 F here this morning which is COLD for us. And windy on top of that. I am, in general, not in favor of too much casualness for church. It is a very rare occasion when I do not show up in a dress or skirt, but this morning practicality is going to have to take precedence over dressing up and femininity.

Stay warm Melissa, I hope you can escape from the burrow long enough to make it into town next Friday.

bree said...

Be grateful for the balmy 23, its 9 here and a wind chill in the negative numbers. Don't stay in the burrow too long, get out and mingle, but stay warm. I love the multitasking thing, I do it all the time, thinking about it maybe the girl side does a bunch of multitasking and the boy side too, so that's a hell of a lot of multitasking going on. Have a great new year!...


Two Auntees said...

They say it dropped to 27 by this morning, yesterday I finished another baby quilt top, all pink and greens with a brown border and a 9 patch at the corners. We do a lot of quilting, Kay and I to give as gifts and to keep us busy at night while we keep each other company. I just watch TV for the noise factor really I do!!!
Keep warm and toasty, Sarah

Anonymous said...

What a lovely sounding radio show.
I am not sure we get anything as diverse as that here.
Maybe we do on digital radio, I guess I should find out.
Enjoy the warmth and safety of your burrow

Naukishtae said...

I can not compete with ya'll on the low temp. lottery, but would like to recommend "WinterSilks" before next year's cold snap arives.. they have wonderful things like long "Johns", but nicer and warmer.. just a thought.. When ya'll get out of the snow.. I have to recommend "Avitar" new movie out.. saw it today in EXD 3DX, which is about a planet corporations want because monitary gain.. no metter the indiginous lifeforms.. it's about 3hrs.. I was blown away, and was rooting for the alians the whole time.. in it they have the tecknology to move your consciousness.. to another body.. well I wish we had that.. I can think of many of us myself as well that would like a one way ticket.. anyway it was a great film. stay warm..

Goddess Bless