Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Walk Of Shame Set's been a very long time since I did the walk of shame, and admittedly way back then I did it as a guy, so maybe that doesn't count, but I had to laugh my ass off, when I saw this on-line catalog ad. Honestly, it's for real!

Melissa XX


Anonymous said...

Only from Sephora, the folks who also sell Hello Kitty cosmetics. I like Sephora, but someone there seems to have a devilish sense of humor!


caroline said...

So Melissa had a wild side!?

Caroline XXX

Lucy Melford said...

Yuk. I don't think I ever wanted anything like this, ever. Not even as a joke. I need another MAC fix right now!


Anonymous said...

I quite like the humour behind the idea but I won't have a need for the product.

Years ago I stayed over at a girls house and she very handily kept a spare new toothbrush in her bathroom. The next time I saw her I gave her a new replacement toothbrush as an innocent 'thank you' and she was really offended!!! That was more a walk of confusion than anything else.
You live and learn.