Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I Have A Bone To Pick With The National Biscuit Company!

When you buy a box of crackers, is this what you expect to see? Like any health conscious person, I try to get a few healthy snacks a day. Mainly apples, bananas, or various other fruits, and whole grains. Triscuits are a particular favorite of mine, because of their shredded whole wheat goodness. I usually have six or seven a day, either slathered in peanut butter, or topped with a small slice of low fat cheese, and a slice of olive, or whatever. When I buy a box a crackers, I expect to get a box full of crackers, not a box of pieces & parts. Lately, up to half the contents of the boxes of Triscuits I have bought, look like the the picture above. Still edible, but worthless for making canapés, or hors d'oeuvres! OK...........I don't really make canapés, and a peanut butter cracker isn't exactly the classic definition of an hors d'oeuvre, but I think you get my drift. You would think that the National Biscuit Company, a company dear to the heart of nearly every child, who ever grew up eating their Shredded Wheat cereals for breakfast, would have more pride and better quality control, than what is evidenced in the picture above. I'd dial their 1-800 number, and give them a piece of my mind, but my experience with these customer service numbers in the past is, all they do is ask for your address and then mail you a certificate for another box of broken crackers! Waste of time! Oh well..........a piece of cracker, anyone?

Melissa XX


caroline said...



Dumbo! Nearly six decades to work that one out!

So if I eat peanut butter crackers I will loose weight and look as good as you? Send me the broken ones , I will start as soon as they arrive.

Caroline xxx

Stace said...

Getting one or two boxes I could understand - but continually?

Of course the company could be blameless in this and it could be the transport company and or store where you buy it from...

Of course the could package it better as well :)

I'm also with Caroline on the eating the broken ones if it helps ;0


Anonymous said...

Now you have got me started!

I get really irate when packaging is so large and the contents inside are so small.

At Christmas I wanted to buy some posh amaretto biscuits to enjoy with coffee. we know a posh deli which otfen sells Italian products which are lovely but expensive. As it was Christmas I bought a large tubular tin of these biscuits. The tin was beautiful but when I opened it I realised all the money was in the packaging. About a third of way down this tin was a selophane packet of tiny wafer like blobs which were supposed to be biscuits. I was not HP!!! (happy)
Since then I have noticed just how large boxes of cereal & soap powder is compared to its contents and its the same for liquids too! shampoo's deodrants, make up arrrr!!! I'm off on one now!!!!!

I better go before I start on petrol (gas)prices and the state of public toilets (washrooms)

C'mon Melissa lets not get mad let's get even!!! The next time I fill out my tax return I'll send it back in pieces and 1/3 empty.
what else can we do? any ideas anyone?

Helen xx

Sophie said...

Well, even a half a Triscuit is better than just about anything else. The only crackers that make it into my shopping cart are Triscuits and Cheezits. But look at it this way. Now, instead of having six or seven crackers you can have 12 or 14!

Two Auntees said...

What gets me is they think that filling the 1/2 empty bag with forced air will cushion and/or protect the contents from getting smushed in shipping. Come on......


bree said...

I quite honestly believe it is because no one really cares about quality anymore, its all quantity! And with the prices of things you don't even get that either. The makers of things don't want to change the price so they change the quality or volume.

caroline said...

I once did quality control, what a thankless job when everybody else is braying for quantity and paying bonus for substandard.

Reader, I left.

Caroline xxx

Naukishtae said...

How about the new Olive Oil and Rosemarry Triskets?