Sunday, January 24, 2010

On a Happier Note

I love high heeled loafers, and recently rediscovered a pair of black, 3 inch, stacked heeled loafers, that I bought from Payless several years ago, and had completely forgotten about. This weekend, I epiliated everything....well... nearly everything (blush), and put on a fresh pair of Nononsense "Rich Pecan" pantyhose, an ├╝ber cool, light coffee colored hose, a black 3/4 sleeve, pointelle sweater, and a short denim skirt.

At this point you, may be asking how did I look? Well......if you...ahem........ discount the extra pounds that I put on over the holidays, I would say, totally bitchin'! :-)

Melissa XX


Leslie Ann said...

Yes, nothing like a fresh pair of pantyhose to take the edge off...seriously. Where's my denim skirt?

Stace said...

I had a similar plan for this evening (for the first time since coming out to my family). Unfortunately I have to do parent IT support this evening so that's off (probably end up doing a chat on web cam and I don't think they are reay for that just yet...)


Melissa said...

@ Stace

I know what you mean. My mom has long known about me, but has never seen me dressed either. We have supper together at her place every Monday evening, and I have thought about just showing up one day as Melissa, but she lives in a high rise condo, and you have to be let in by the desk clerk in the lobby and then take the elevator up to the tenth floor. I'm sure it would create quite commotion, if I showed up in a skirt. I don't want to make her the talk of the tower, so I just go in boy mode.

I joined your blog as a follower today, and wanted to leave a comment, but you don't have the pop up window for comments enabled in your blog settings,and that is the only format that I seem to be able to comment on. When I use a dial-up connection, I don't have that problem, but my wireless connection that I usually use because it's so much faster, will only allow me to comment in the Blogger pop up window. Strange, isn't it?

Melissa XX

Stace said...


Well as you know I managed to find the setting for the comments and you can (and have) post :)

I can imagine why you stay in boy mode to visit your mother, I (unfortunately) couldn't see myself turning up at my parents house in the middle of a small Scottish village as Stace.

In the end there was not web chat, just a long phone chat about my GID (but I won't go into that just here...)


Calie said...

@Leslie - YOUR denim skirt?