Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Laundry Night

Hello, my name is Melissa, and I am a procrastinator.

Is there such a thing as procrastinator's anonymous? I need help! I finally had to do laundry tonight. I ran out of clean underwear and pajamas! Faced with the prospect of sleeping in the nude, and going au naturel tomorrow, I decided it was time to get on the stick, and attend to the piles of dirty clothes filling the corners of my bedroom. Did I mention that I was also a sloven? ☺ Yeah, I hate doing laundry, and house work. I guess it stems from all the years I had to get up at 4:30 AM, drive 52 miles to work, spend 9 1/2 to 10 hours on the job, then drive the 52 miles home, stopping along the way to pick up groceries, and run other necessary errands. By the time I got home, chores around the house were the last thing I wanted to do. I mean, you do have to have some time to yourself....right? The trouble is, when I retired, I so reveled in my new found freedom, that I continued to neglect the chores around the house! I became like Alfonso Bedoya in The Treasure of the Sierra Madre "Chores? I don't have to do any stinking chores!"

So anyway, I got 3/4 of the dirty clothes washed tonight, and at least now I will have clean pj's to sleep in, and clean undies for the next couple of weeks. Tomorrow I shall attack the remaining pile. Some more pajamas, a few more pairs of panties, a pair of corduroys and a couple of camisoles.

There is some truly beautiful music being played on my NPR (national Public Radio) station right now. It's 12:53 am as I right these words, and it seems the best classical music of all is played late at night. During the day they play way too much chamber music, baroque, and instrumental solos for my taste. My taste in music follows my taste in food, and everything else sensual. I love body and texture. I love the rich sounds of a full symphony orchestra, and chorus.

I also love grand opera, and Saturday afternoons are a special treat, as NPR broadcasts, Live From The Met. There are some great ones coming up in the next few months, including Puccini's La Bohemme, and Tosca, Verdi's Aida, and La Traviata. How wonderful would it would have been, to have been a kid, growing up in Brooklyn, Manhattan, or Queens, with a parent who had season tickets to the Met, and took you to their Saturday afternoon performances? Can you imagine the joy of seeing singers like Luciano Pavarotti (the only male singer whoever brought tears to my eyes), Marilyn Horne, Plácido Domingo, Beverly Sills, José Carreras, or Renée Fleming, in on stage?! But then, not everyone is in to opera. Perhaps this is more your cup of tea? Yeah, I think its pretty cool too!

Melissa XX


Stace said...

And I thought I had long days! Getting up at 5:40 and getting home at between 5 and 6 PM.

I know exactly what you mean about chores when you get in though. By the time you are in, settled, cooked food, eaten and cleaned up it's approaching 8pm and the last thing you want is to start yet more chores. Makes the weekends something of a mixed blessing though. As you have to do everything you put off doing the week.

Anyway as the saying goes I'd love to be a procrastinator, but I just keep putting it off :)


Anonymous said...

I went through a real opera love affair years ago and purchased all the greats. Puccini is still my face! I also got tickets to watch opera performed live at the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden a few times too. However on going to see Madame Butterfly we got there late (thanks British rail) and were not allowed to see the first half as they do not allow latecomers into the auditorium once the performance has started (I agree)so I had to watch the first half on a monitor in the bar. Boy I sure made the most of the second half of the show. Very moving and sounded amazing.

helen xx

Anonymous said...

Puccini is still mt fave! - Typo!

Leslie Ann said...

There is a procrastinator's support group, but they keep delaying the meeting. Rimshot!

bree said...

I have to say that the best money spent is on a cleaning person! Cleaning was a huge source of contention with my spouse and I and for 70 dollars a week we solved that. Now we still have laundry, it was nice when we had a person who would do that too.
As for music, I have to say I completely agree with you, I love NPRs avaunt gar musical taste most of the time and have actually added new artists to my music collection because of their suggestions. I remember once when they previewed a blue-grass artist and I almost changed the station, but didn't and the music touched me so much it was amazing! My musical preference is house electronic! and hate country for the most part. I wish others would expand their minds and be like us :)
Lovely post.

Calie said...

I love a girl who loves her music (and leaves her clothes lying around the bedroom). My kind of girl!

Calie xxx

alan said...

I saw your header yesterday and guiltily drug the hamper to the basement...5 loads later my knee wasn't happy but my conscience was lighter.

Today I'm trying to convince me to vacuum; the dog is shedding and each time the furnace cycles hairballs go circulating around the living room. Great amusement for the cat, but not anyone else.

Thanks for being a good influence!