Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snowed In Again!

It snowed last night, and all day today!
It was only last week, that the last remnants of our pre-Christmas 13" snow storm, finally melted. Yes, my dears! It took that long! It's been very cold so far this winter, as my $304.00 December electric bill can attest to. I live on the north slope of a hill, so the sun's rays have a limited effect on melting snow, and warming of the house.
There was a brief respite last week, as temperatures soared into the lower to mid 60's!
Practically tropical! But it was not to last. It started to snow again today, in the wee hours of the morning, as another nor'easter riding up the east coast, collided with an Alberta Clipper, coming out of Canada. For those of you who don't know what an Alberta Clipper is, its a blast of cold arctic air, coming south out of northwestern Canada. That along with a nor'easter riding up the east coast, is always the absolute worst winter scenario, for the mid Atlantic region! The snowfall continued throughout the day, and into tonight. It finally stopped a few hours ago, and the result was another 10-11' of snow. Better than an ice storm for sure, but still a major pain in the you know what!
The pictures you are seeing, were taken from my back door, out onto my rear deck. Tomorrow I will have to grab the snow shovel you see resting against the deck railing, and dig myself out once again. My neighbor will no doubt be out with his tractor and plow tomorrow, clearing the road, and dragging even more gravel onto the grass, that I will have to run a lawnmower over, come spring. I better start looking for shin guards and body armor, not to mention a new lawn mower blade! I will have to see if my truck can pull itself through the 10 inches of snow out of my driveway, onto the road out front. The truck is a 4 four wheel drive, so it should be able to make it up the hill in 4 wheel low, as long as the tires can get the requisite traction.

Nothing much to do tonight, so I watched The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly on TV. Oddly enough for someone of my age, it was the very first time that I have ever watched that entire movie, from front to back. I know it must sound strange, since that movie was released in 1966, the year I graduated from high school, but its true! Now I know why it has been such a classic. While a little rough around the edges by today's standards, it is still an excellent western! No wonder it propelled Clint Eastwood into stardom, and Eli Wallach didn't do such a bad job either. Why did it take me so long to discover this cinematic work of art?

There has been a theme running throughout the trans-gender blogs recently, so I might as well throw my two cents worth in.

It seems that some of us don't realize, or at least have forgotten, that all of us are cross dressers, until we have had Genital Reconstruction Surgery. Only then can we separate ourselves from all of our other trans-sisters, and even then, only if we are totally selfish and heartless. Face it sisters. Like it or not, we were all born as boys! To turn our backs on those who for whatever reason cannot, or will not transition completely, is to turn our back on ourselves. As I have already replied to a couple of girls here, our rainbow needs all of its colors, if it is to survive. I love you all, regardless of what's between your legs, or where you will ultimately end up.

Melissa XX


Leslie Ann said...

Melissa, I like you for what's between your ears.

We got about two inches here, of the drier drifting sort.

Now, I will mock your spelling. I hope your tuck serves you well, though I've never used mine to get through snow. And anyone putting graves in your grass should be reported to the authorities! Sorry, I can't help myself.

Stace said...

And I thought the 2 or 3 inches we got here were bad enough :)

Very wise words at the end there.

And Leslie: Funny - and here was me thinking 'graves'? Is that a coloqualism that the English don't know?

Then again, seems apt for the mower blade...


Melissa said...

Ha! It's good to have a proof reader, before too many people get to see my spelling errors! Thanks!

Actually? I never tuck! It's way too uncomfortable, as far as I'm concerned. I simply rely on a a tight fitting control panty. As far as I'm concerned, no one has any business looking down their anyway. :-) As for grave diggers on my property, well, that just freaks me out, way too much to even think of!

Melissa XX

Halle said...

You girls are having way too much fun!

Coming from 'way up north', it is nice to see you who live in the 'banana belt' getting a taste of real winter life every now and then! Right now, we are just very cold!

Melissa thanks for the support from all of us. I hope that no matter where this journey leads, I will never turn a back on others who struggle in their own fashion; and live their own choices.

NickyB (aka the CFG) said...

Sounds like the digging is good exercise!!

Now to your point about "being a crossdresser until genital surgery"
That's a contentious one, for sure, although I know you didn't mean to be.
In some respects the US differs from the UK in the UK I am considered female by society and officialdom even before SRS. In the UK it is more likely called GCS.
It is a tricky one though, and a long debate.
Is a transsexual who elects not to have genital surgery for health reasons forever a cross dresser? Here in the UK, after 2 years, such a person can even change their birth certificate.
What about intersex?
What about the young transsexual children on Tyra (her of the high intellectual capacity) who consider their genitalia a birth defect?
It is true that now post-GCS I feel more "authentic" in a crowd of genetically born females, but I never considered myself a crossdresser, nor was I medically diagnosed as such.

Time for my morning medication methinks.
It's been snowing here too, although a small amount by your standards.
I need to wait for S to go buy me some cake, because I haven't got any :-(

Kind wishes
nicky xx

alan said...

I was talking to my son last night as he was out walking their dog (Crofton, Maryland) and you could hear the snow crunching under his feet and there was once he had to dodge someone's sliding car...

Here I finally melted out early last week and only got an inch out of this round; more due on Tuesday.

It's one of those years I wish I'd bought a blower, except I know it will only take up space for the next 6 or 7 years!

For my own two cents about other things, I've always felt people were too busy trying to find ways to divide themselves from others instead of care about them!

And like Leslie Ann says, I very much like what's between your ears!


Naukishtae said...

First off, Alan is quite right..

i think you are all wonderful women, and very supportive of each other.. would that all would be as you are....

I feel that what Melissa was saying is, it is wrong to put a sister down just because she is at the beginning of her journey, and not at the end.. to put yourself on a higher plain just because you have arrived,, and think you are better than your sister who has just begun.. all travel the same journey.. but the end of that journey will not be the same for everyone.. would that all who find themselves trapped in the wrong body could switch to the correct one.. all are only capable of going as far as money and their own will, will allow.. all have different reasons for the amount of time it takes to become who they really are.. whether it be society, family, money.. there are so many factors.. all should come together and support those who are at the beginning.. and if you can not, then keep silent....

Many Blessings and Hugs


Calie said...

A wonderful post, Melissa, especially your last paragraph.

Calie xxx