Friday, January 15, 2010


Tonight my heart is breaking. As the news from Port-au-Prince slowly filters in, we are learning more and more of the absolute horror that the people of that stricken city are suffering. I thought that the devastation wrought by the Indonesian Tsunami, and the destruction of New Orleans by hurricane Katrina were bad, but this is worst I have ever seen. Tens of thousands of people buried under rubble, and tens of thousands more, without food, water, shelter, or sanitary facilities. Countless men, women and children with severe injuries, and no medical facilities to treat them. I finally broke down and cried a few minutes ago, when I saw a young woman, who had a bandage over her left eye. Catie Couric from NBC news asked her what her injuries were, and she said that she was paralyzed from the waist down. The tears just started to pour.

Aid from all over the world is pouring in, but it's not getting to those who need it, because of the chaotic situation on the ground. In the mean time, people are suffering, starving, and dying. Haiti has suffered so long from poverty, violence and corruption, and now this? God love them!

If you are looking for somewhere to send a donation, here is a link to UNICEF



Naukishtae said...

Melissa.. you are very sweet.. but your lovely shoulders are not big enough for this one.. Our country now has a leader who moves pretty fast.. and the world moves with him.. the Marines are on the way with anfibious vessels to unload at sea and deliver on land three planes full.. with that and the help of all of the great nations of the world sending in teams to help.. a difference will be made.. the thing we can do as a people is speak to each of our higher powers.. and send all of our prayers in that direction.. you have a big heart.. and I am sure your tears mean a lot to that higher power..

I believe in the Divine Feminen and worship the Goddess.. I know She sees your tears.. terrible things happen in our lives.. we have to do each of us what we can, and help how we can...

Goddess Bless sweet friend

Naukishtae said...

How are you doing? I thought I would let you know about another relief site for Haiti it is the Cinton Bush Haiti Relief Fund..

Be Blessed

Melissa said...
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Melissa said...

@ Naukishtae

Thanks, Naukishtae! I've already sent a donation to UNICEF. God love them all!

Melissa XX

Naukishtae said...

Well Dear.. today I cried.. there was a man who stood outside a bank in Haiti digging never giving up hope.. 6 days.. yelling down into the darkness his wifes name J'Nett.. on the 6th day she called back to him.. latter that day they cleared by hand enough to reach her and pull her out.. a broken hand.. put her in his car with an IV and drove her away.. before they got her out she did not think they would get her out she said tell my husband I love him..