Wednesday, February 10, 2010

All Quiet On The Eastern Coast

After the forth major nor'easter since mid December, things are returning to normal in the deep snow blanketed mid Atlantic region of the US. If we never see another snow storm or ice storm, it won't be soon enough for me, and probably a lot of others as well! I nearly dropped to my knees to offer thanks to the gods today, when the worst had past, and I still had electrical power!

I made a quick trip up to the local store yesterday morning, to purchase five gallons of kerosene, just in case. Things didn't look too bad, when I went to bed last night. Much of the snow that had accumulated on the trees the weekend before, had either melted, or was washed off by several hours of rain yesterday evening. When I awoke this morning however, it was a different story. The nor'easter had progressed up the coast, and now, thanks to its counter clockwise flow, we were receiving a backhanded bitch slapping! Looking out my bathroom window at 7:00 AM, I saw that the trees were once again covered with snow, and it looked like a blizzard was going on.

I got dressed and made a pot of coffee and some breakfast, thinking I better hurry, because the power is going to go out any minute now, but it never did. By 11:00 AM the snow had stopped, and I went out and shoveled the steps, and a path to the back door, then cleaned the six inches of new snow and ice off of my truck. Then I came back inside and washed several loads of clothes, thankful that I still had electricity to feed my washer and dryer, yet ever wary that a strong gust of wind would take down a tree limb somewhere, and a power line along with it.

All day long I kept hearing warnings of high winds and the possibility of power outages, but the lights stayed on! Tonight in thanks, I gave a burnt offering to the gods, a well done hamburger, and since the gods are ethereal, and therefore have no need for actual sustenance, they generously gave the hamburger back to me for my dinner! I call that a win win situation!

Tonight's posting was made while listening to Dvorak's New World Symphony, absolutely one of my all time favorites!

Melissa XX


Stace said...

Glad you escaped this one without any more damage!

And again, beautiful picture!


Naukishtae said...

Well bless your heart my dear.. that was a lot of work before lunch.. glad to hear you are OK.. saw the blizzard on CNN, thought of you in that snow..

I'll be having cardiac-cath on the 18th, so keep me in mind..

Stay warm.. You are always in my thoughts..

Naukishtae XXOO

caroline said...

Looks like you could be starting up in the christmas card business!

How are you making so many clothes dirty, my mind boggles?

Stay warm.

Caroline xxx

Anonymous said...

I love the "New World Symphony"! I first heard it in a 7th grade music class (the kind they don't have anymore).

Hoping your winter storms are over,


Melissa said...

@ Naukishtae

Good luck on your cardiac catheterization. Here's hoping all they find, is kind warm heart!

Melissa XX

alan said...

Looks like the scenery for "Winter Wonderland" in a Currier and Ives dream...

Glad you are warm and dry!


Keri Renault said...

Happy to hear it's over and you're no worse for the wear, Melissa. I've not missed my health club since snow removal has been an aerobic activity replacement.

Go sweat, go!

My favorite rendition of "New World Symphony" is by Earth, Wind & Fire. (I'm a soul/funk junkie). It's from their 1976 live album entited, "Gratitude".

Hugz, K

Anonymous said...

You have a talent for a great photograph!
Glad you are ok and I hope the weather improves for you.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, I have just spent the last twenty minutes catching up on all the posts I have missed since I have been away.
The weather you have suffered? has been beautiful to look at photgraphically but obviously awful for you practically. Similar to the mouse problem, lovely looking, crappy to put up with!
I have always loved Cohen's song Halleylujah.
I hope you get to go yo your Sister's meeting, nice to hear what you think of the speaker?
Have a warm day Melissa!
Helen xx

chrissie said...

What a lovely photo, Melissa.

I know that it must be a right pain to be stuck in it, though...



Calie said...

I'm glad you survived another one, Melissa.

I remember, when living among the woods of the East Coast, that the power outages often happened after the storm when branches were weakened after having being loaded with snow and the fair weather winds started to blow.

Calie xxx

Naukishtae said...

Thanks Melissa, Alan.. I am always terrified going into the hospital, so your thoughts are very important to me...