Friday, February 26, 2010

The Late Winter Blues

This has been one of the longest, most miserable winters in recent memory. Temperatures have been averaging far lower than normal in the mid-Atlantic Piedmont, and there has been way, way too much snow and ice! This hasn't been good time for me. I've been house bound, I've been without power for days, I've had trees laying on the roof and against the house, I've risked my neck every time I stepped out onto the ice covered deck outside my door, and my electric bills have been the highest in years. In short, I have the blues.

Now if I"m going to suffer the blues, I'm going to seek out kindred spirits, and Robert Johnson and Blind Lemon Jefferson notwithstanding, there is no one I know of to commiserate with better than Jimi Hendrix. Ah, but you say, what has Jimi Hendrix got to do with the blues, wasn't he into psychadelia? Yes he certainly was, but had he lived, he would have rivaled Eric Clapton as one of the world's best blues guitarists, and in my opinion Clapton couldn't have touched him.

Got the blues? Check out Hendrix playing Red House.

Melissa XX


Leslie Ann said...

Oh, yeah, twice the guitarist as Clapton. You mentioned Jimi and the blues, and I thought of Red House. Then I scrolled down...great minds!

Damn, it's hard to be blue listening to that.

Keri Renault said...

I'm more of a soul-funk lover of 70's music. When I'm down I like to crank the powerful horns, magic rhythms and searing harmonies of Earth, Wind & Fire. But, as Lennon once penned, whatever gets you though the night..."

Sorry to hear you've had such a miserably combative winter with Ma Nature. But, I hear you. It's been a doozy, even for an Upper Midwestern girl like me.

Oh, and be careful out there with your air guitar. We don't wantcha breaking any nails:) Hugz, K

Sophie said...

I am not even sure I would call this late winter yet. For us here closer to the coast January always brings the coldest temperatures but March is when our record snowfalls have happened.

caroline said...

The last snow has missed us but blocked roads going west and north with two feet of snow. When I first came here I was warned of the terrible weather I would encounter and saw "4" snowflakes the first year and that is how I like it!

Have to admit I found a frozen slug near the edge of my pond and my heart was lifted, if bad things are dying out there I will be happy. Just off out to tidy up round the green shoots of plants which seem to think it is all over! Shall fill my ears with Jimmi on the ipod, keeps the wind out.

Caroline XXX

Melissa said...

@ Leslie Ann

I always thought that Jimi was a blues man at heart. Hey Joe, and Voodoo Child are two more tunes, where he shows his blues prowess.

@ Keri

Oh yeah! Soul and funk! I have loved the Motown sound ever since my mid sixties high school days, and Earth Wind and Fire was one of my favorite bands of the 70's!

@ Sophie

Even spring at the beach can be cold and windy, especially when the nor'easters are rolling up the coast. I spent a week on the beach just north of Kitty Hawk, in Duck one April, and it was cold, windy, and rainy the hole time. Back in Richmond the sun was shining and people were out in shirtsleeves.

@ Caroline

In a few weeks, we should be seeing the first flowering trees and shrub begin to bloom. That will be a welcome sight, although as Sophie said, March can still bring big snows. If the cold has killed off all of your slugs, let me know and I will send you some to replace them. I usually have a herd of them, grazing on the algae that grows on the shady side of the house in the summer. :-)

Melissa XX

Naukishtae said...

I am sorry to hear you have been house bound.. I hope it will start to clear soon.. I am however always glad to read your blog.. be blessed and warm dear friend.........

Naukishtae XXOO

Calie said...'s a Calie secret, but don't tell anyone...


I actually have a huge collection. You name it and I probably have it. Ever heard of Big Mama Thorton? Now, THAT's the blues.

Calie xxx

Simone said...

I agree 100%. It's like I have a twin! I just posted a blog for you of a show he did in 1970 in Berkeley.