Friday, February 5, 2010

Not Again!

A very wet heavy snow began to fall this morning. As you can see by the above picture, the trees are getting a good coating. About 4 inches had accumulated when this picture was taken. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. This kind of snow tends to weigh the trees down, especially the pines and cedars. When they break or fall over, they often take power lines down with them. Heavy snow and ice are the worst scenarios for power outages. Fortunately it has now turned to rain, so maybe some of the snow will be washed off of the trees, but it is supposed to turn back to snow later tonight as temperatures drop. Naturally, I decided not to go to my support group meeting tonight.

North of here they are in for a blizzard. The DC/Baltimore area is supposed to get from 20-30 inches of snow. Looks like Keri Renault and her shovel brigade will have their work cut out for them! Damned El Nino winters! Ironically, El Nino does us a favor in the summer and fall, by lessening the chance of hurricanes, but in winter it creates gulf storms, that roll up the east coast, and collide with arctic air coming down from Canada. The result is east coast snow storms.

This is snow storm number three so far this winter, but may not be the last. February is just beginning, and late February and early March snows are not uncommon. Oh Spring! Come quickly!

Melissa XX


Lucy Melford said...

At least you have plenty of good photo opportunities on your doorstep. I imagine you padding around the local woods and lakes with makeshift snow shoes, camera in hand, spotting the odd deer.

Here in Sussex it's chilly but the snow has not returned. I'm away caravanning next week, and it's bound to come back then!


bree said...

Don't you just love the snow sceneries? My favorite is at night after all of the lights out looking out the window into the wilderness and seeing the purity of it all. Stay safe, but enjoy...go build a snow woman, I have always found that fun. One year I did a Calvin and Hobbes scene in my front yard and people still talk about it.

stay warm too,


Anonymous said...

With all the wet, heavy stuff accumulating, you better break out the comforters and flannel pj's. Sounds like a paralyzing event is shaping up. Oh well, it's supposed to be sunny and 56 here today...guess I'll go shopping with the wife and take in dinner and a movie. It's tough living in Texas but someone's got to do Good luck...hope things don't get too bad. :)Suzi