Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I Have a Transgender Support Group Meeting Friday Night

Our scheduled guest speaker is to be a representative of the Virginia Stonewall Caucus, of the Democratic Party. He will be there to hear our concerns, so that he can be a better advocate for us. There was much discussion about this at our last meeting, and some who think it's best for us to eschew politics altogether, came down against it! I'm still a new and very shy member, and even though I was in favor of this guest speaker addressing us, I remained silent, leaving the debate to more senior members. It was decided that the subject would be discussed at the next board members meeting. I didn't attend, but apparently they decided to invite the guy after all, and he will be speaking to us Friday night. Good decision as far as I'm concerned. Congrats to those present, who voted yes!

But now, will I be there to hear him? Well, its up in the air right now. We are experiencing one of the more foul weathered winters, in a long time here in central Virginia. I live in the Virgina Piedmont. Our weather in winter, is significantly different from that on the coastal plain. This weekend they are calling for another winter storm. Richmond, where my meeting takes place should be fine, with rain only, but out here in the Piedmont the forecast is for snow and mixed frozen precipitation! That my dears, around here means ice! If the driving conditions are icy, I will stay home. Having already wrecked one vehicle driving on black ice, I have no intention of a repeat performance. I have vowed to simply not drive, when there are icy conditions. So I may be there with my sisters, and then maybe I won't. It all depends.

Melissa XX


Sophie said...

Well, if anything interesting happens I'll fill you in. I am still planning on getting up there unless the weather gets a lot worse than expected. Perhaps I am just cynical, but I rather expect that the discussion with the Caucus representative is going to be more about why we should support them than it will be a fact finding regarding or needs and wants. But we shall see. Hope to see you there!

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Keri Renault said...

Melissa, I realize many of these groups (from sea to shining sea) believe politics should be kept out of their insular communities, but with what's at stake?

We need to inform ourselves whenever the opportunity presents itself. Even if it's a thinly veiled campaign pitch, there's always something of significance to be learned. And knowledge is power:)

Careful on the roads Saturday. I make the trek to pickup Sunny from BWI airport--but thankfully, that's Sunday afternoon. I'm hunkering down at home Saturday. All the best.

alan said...

I'm always glad to read that you have sense!



Melissa said...

Now the forecast for my area has been updated to say 5-10 inches of sleet and snow, starting tomorrow morning. It's very unlikely I will be venturing out on the roads tomorrow night.