Saturday, February 13, 2010

Why Do I Always Weep, Whenever I See That Torch Being Lit?

I don't know why, but I always do this. I fought back tears watching the Winter Olympics opening ceremonies tonight. What a wonderful show! I felt so proud for our brothers and sisters to the north. I have always loved Canada, and often thought I was a citizen of the wrong north American country. Canadians are a much more progressive minded and tolerant lot, than many of their US neighbors to the south, and are far less prone to arrogance and boasting.

The opening ceremony was a beautiful artistic creation. It is incredible what can be done with projections, lighting, and props. I was absolutely wowed by the way they transformed the stadium floor into 1st, the the frozen arctic ice pack, and then into the summer arctic ocean, complete with swimming and blowing whales!

As someone who once lived out on the great plains of Nebraska, I immediately connected with the segment dedicated to the Canadian great plains, as well as tributes to their aboriginal peoples. And who could have listen to K.D. Lang singing Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah, and not be moved?

Great opening ceremony! I am looking forward to the next two weeks of Olympic coverage.

On a sad note, a young Georgian luge driver, perished today, when his sled went off the track and he slammed into a steel I-beam at 90 MPH. Incredibly, NBC News tonight, actually showed a video of his tragic accident and death. Shame on them and their yellow journalism ! Much was made of the fact that the I-beams were not padded. 90 MPH, would padding really have made any difference? God love him!


caroline said...

Not keen on competitiveness so not attracted to sports and here we have been bombarded by a black and white graphic animation full of aggression advertising these games. nowhere did it sat that KDL, the best interpreter of this LC song would be performing. I would have risked an opening ceremony for that.

Caroline xxx

Halle said...

Thanks for the praise for our 'land of ice and snow' to the north. ;D It is really wonderful to see how our two nations are learning from each other. In the past, we would not have been inclined to such spectacle, but you folk have taught us that a little pride and boasting isn't really that bad.
Although it is always good to be home (wherever that is) it is great to be able to visit your wonderful country and share your enthusiasm for freedom and self expression. Let's hope we continue to share that progressive attitude you speak of.

Ron said...

Your comment about our country warmed my heart - although our present minority government is behaving more like "Bush-lite"! - and having followed your voyage for the past nine months, I too think you'd be a good 'fit' up here. Not least because of the amount of snow you're dealing with. :) We've rarely had more than an inch or two on the ground around here this winter - Toronto/Hamilton area.

Melissa said...

@ Caroline

I don't mind competitiveness within the confines of a game or sporting event, it's people who try to turn every aspect of their daily interpersonal dealings into a competition, that turn me off.

K.D. Lang has one of the most beautiful singing voices I have ever heard. I'm sure that sooner or later you will be able to see her performance on Youtube. I tried to find it for you today, and apparently it was there, but it was taking down because of I.O.C. copyright infringement.

@ Halle

Your ice and snow has been drifting all the way down here to Virginia this winter. So much so, that one could hardly tell the difference between here and there!

I wish more of your progressive Canadian attitude, would rub off on us down here. For all of our technical advances over the years, we often seem to take one step forward, then two steps back when it comes to social issues. :-)

Melissa XX

Melissa said...

@ Ron

We seem to be getting your allotment of snow this winter. I would gladly give it back to you if I could. :-)

Melissa XX

Keri Renault said...

Beautifully expressed, Melissa. The "tinkerbell" flight of fancy across the Canadian plains nearly brought me to tears. I was riveted to my television, even as I readied to pickup Sunny from the airport (She was 5 days delayed).

As a former aspiring Olympian (I had the privilege of setting a school record while getting clobbered by the future 400 meter hurdle Silver Medalist in 1976), every Olympic ceremony, Winter and Summer bring back recollections of my own dreams, and the many hours of training in the dead of winter and the heat of summer along the way.

My thoughts go out to Georgia the family of the 21 year old luger. Life is so precious.

Two Auntees said...

I was enthralled hearing K D Lang's performance. Breath taking indeed!

What a perfect moment gone when the 4th column wouldn't rise.

I loved the images of the whale, geese and doves and the maple leaves swirling around on the floor. Beautiful!

GirlWhoShould said...

The adjustments to the course are near as your going to get that it was probably a little too dangerous in an event which is inherently risky. I know what you mean about the video being shown sadly there are those ghoulish enough to seek it out online.
Lucy x

Melissa said...

@ Keri

Mike Shine? Cool!

@ Sarah

I love listening to K D Lang! She has a beautiful voice and she sing with such emotion. Although no where near the spectacle of the Beijing opening ceremony, I thought that from an artistic standpoint, this one was excellent.

@ Lucy

I still can't believe that NBC actually showed that video. The poor guy's father said he refused to watch it. I can't say I blame him.

Melissa XX