Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Calm Before The Storm

Will these winter storms ever end? I just knew we in for it this winter, when we had a 13" snow on December 19th. We rarely ever get big snows before Christmas in the Mid-Atlantic region. Little kids get sleds for Christmas, and usually don't get to use them until they are in high school! Most winters around here are mild, with daytime temperatures in the upper forties, or lower fifties. If we do get snow, it's usually just a light dusting. Ice is usually more of a problem than snow.

Well, now another winter storm is on its way. So far, my area is forecasted to get 5-10 inches of snow and sleet by one estimate, and 6-12 inches by another! A smaller storm blew through last night, and left an inch of slushy snow, that fortunately all melted by this afternoon, so I didn't have to shovel the deck and clean the truck off again. So far this winter, I have had a total of 2 feet of snow, and February is just getting started.

A mixed bag of snow and sleet is supposed to blanket the area, starting in the morning, and turning to all snow by afternoon tomorrow, and then continue through the night. Looks like my monthly transgender support group meeting in Richmond is a wash......for me anyway. Those who live in Richmond may have better driving conditions than me, although even they may end up with 1-3 inches.

Last Monday was my sister's birthday. We were going to take her out for dinner, but last weekend's snow storm left the streets in Richmond a mess. She and my mother, who also lives in
Richmond, decided to postpone her birthday dinner for a week. Now, depending on how bad Richmond gets hit, we may have to postpone it again. I hope not. If the weather keeps going the way it has been, we might end up celebrating her birthday and Mother's day at the same time!

Melissa XX


Sophie said...

lol, And it just keeps getting better and better. Right now (early Friday morning) Richmond is forecast to get 1-3" of sleet/ice pellets/snow/whatevers. We are still supposed to get rain down here by the coast until Saturday.

The kids around here are likely to be going to school later in the summer than had been planned. Our school systems do not add "snow days" into the calendar in anticipation of being closed. They have been closed or opening late all week.

Stace said...

Sounds like you are still having it bad there...

Hope you manage to make your trips this weekend.

Over here it's stopped snowing (for now) but the motorways were awful earlier in the week - they even contemplated closing one of the important ones due to the amount of accidents happenning on the sheet ice. I guess I got the right week to be ill and miss it.

Calie said...

I used to love a snowy weekend when I lived in the Northeast. Cozy by the fire, etc. Family time, staying in the house.

I hated the snowy weekdays. Commutes into Boston were such a mess.

Now...the occassional snow storm, but nothing like you are experiencing.

Happy belated birthday to your sis, Melissa.

Calie xxx

Keri Renault said...

No way your group's Friday meeting is happening. Okay, not if rational thought prevails. Looks like the big birthay dinner is back on hold, too. Think of how exciting it will be when you, your sister and mother can actually sit down for dinner and celebrate, sans-snow!!!

Sorry for bringing Wisconsin weather to the mid-Atlantic. Yes, I've reached this sorry conclusion. I accept full blame. (Mother Nature loves taking credit so this time I'm upstaging her acceptance speech)

This will be our 2nd 20" plus dumping. I rarely recall getting that much snow in any single day/night in Greater Milwaukee, even in the near record year of 2007 when seasonal totals reached 100".

Batten the hatches, throw a log on the fire, relax in the easy chair and have your shovel tuned-up for Saturday.

Hugs, K

Calie said...

@Keri - I thought she was getting the storm we had a few days ago in Cali. I feel so much better now, knowing it came from up your way. :)