Thursday, June 17, 2010

I Wanted So Much To Be There With Them!

Unfortunately I couldn't. However, looking at this picture, I'm not the least bit sad at all! Don't they look just lovely? Just look at the smiles on their beautiful faces! Is that not happiness?

Thank you Caroline, Lucy and Lisa, for sharing your wonderful time in France with us! I love you, all three!

Melissa XX


Calie said...

Indeed, they do look lovely and, indeed, I wish you were with them, girlfriend!

Calie xxx

Roni said...

I know, that's a very cool picture.

Anonymous said...

I wish you were with us to.
Maybe if we make this an annual trip you can come next year?
It would be great to see you.

Lucy said...

it would be lovely if you had been with us, it will be a anual trip so get your passport sorted out missus!

But we are thinking of some UK breaks so perhaps you could join up with us there? you are always welcome along