Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Public Service Announcement

Lack of a corkscrew is never a detriment to opening a bottle of wine. There is always the Russian method of simply striking the neck of the bottle against a hard object, but then you have to strain the shards of glass through your teeth.

Here is a safer way to open your wine, using nothing more than your shoe, and minimal amount of muscle.


Melissa XX


Caroline said...

But look how butch you have to be to do that!

I guess it was not a great bottle that he had laid down in his wine cellar for years letting the sediment settle.

I enjoy the occasional glass of wine but I have never been that desperate.

Sorry to hear that you can't hear your music anymore, music is like oxygen, essential for life.

Caroline xxxx

Halle said...

That is quite impressive as a last resort. It reminds me of the old days before twist tops on beer. My dad showed me how to use a 2 iron to remove a beer cap. For any who play golf, this is in fact one of the only uses for a 2 iron since they really are almost impossible to use for their original design purpose. :D

Your story about the demise of your little stereo is quite amusing (apart from the sadness of music lost) in the 'cobbling together' that is possible with equipment of that type. Perhaps you have a dvd player on the tv that you can use to play your cds? hehe.

Ten years eh; the old Victrola still works. "Don't make 'em like they used to" :P


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this vital public information spot. Like you said, anything is better than straining the shards before drinking

Veronica said...

Not just any sharp object, but a sword, right? :)

The method in the video is quite ingenious! I wouldn't have thought that the motion would push out the cork. I've usually resorted to pushing the cork into the bottle and dealing with that hassle.

Melissa said...

@ Caroline

I think most of the wine sold in the average supermarket today must be filtered, because I rarely ever see any sediment. I did have a box of Bota Box Merlot once last summer that was loaded with sediment, although subsequent boxes of the same brand, had none. They must have been getting down to the bottom of the barrel, when they filled that one.

I hope you are not feeling too melancholy on your return from paradise. :-)

@ Halle

I do have a DVD player hooked up to my big system in the great room, but I rarely spend much time there. I could play CD's on my I-Mac too, but the audio quality wouldn't be as good.

Yeah, the old stuff was built to last. I have 40 year old speakers hooked up to my big system, and they still sound great.

So that's what a 2 iron is for!

@ Suzie

Safety first, I always say!

@ Veronica

I saw another video, where a guy screwed a long wood screw into the center of the cork, and then while his friend held the bottle down, he grabbed the head of the screw with a pair of pliers, and pulled the cork out! I've resorted to pushing the cork into the bottle before to. It makes pouring a little tricky, but at least it allows you to get the wine out.

Melissa XX

Anji said...

I'm sending that to my son. You wouldn't believe the number of corkscrews that have disappeared from here during the night.