Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Busy Day Tomorrow

I'll tell you about it, but first things first.......

There is a lunker of a black fly buzzing about the room, and he's really vexing me! I've got a rolled up magazine standing by, and although he doesn't know it, his minutes are numbered. I don't know where they came from, or how they got in, but I've killed about six of them in the last two days. I hate the little beasts! They don't belong in the house! ........Oh wait, back in a sec! This one's about to die, he just lit on a wall......................

YES! The hideous little creature has been dispatched!

"As Coroner I must aver, I thoroughly examined her.
And she's not only merely dead, she's really most sincerely dead."

"Ding Dong! The fly is dead. Which old fly? The Filthy Fly!
Ding Dong! The Filthy Fly is dead!"____With apologies to The Wizard Of Oz

Now.......about that busy day tomorrow. My monthly support group meeting is the day after tomorrow, and I have much to do. I have to shower and exfoliate, then do a full body elpilation, and give myself a manicure and a pedicure. I also have to pick out something to wear, but I also have lots of clothes to wash, because I have been so lazy lately. I went to the grocery store today, so I have a choice of either a broccoli, chicken, and noodle casserole, or a fresh platter of carrots, broccoli, celery, and grape tomatoes, and a dip of ranch dressing to take. The group is also having it's annual picnic the following day, so the casserole may have to wait for that, if indeed I go at all. It starts at 3:00 o'clock in the afternoon, and with a nearly one hour drive to get there, I would have to be showered, shaved, dressed, made up and ready to leave here by 2:00 PM. Now that I'm retired and stay up late, I don't normally get up until 9:00 AM. I've always been very slow to fully wake up in the morning, and I'm usually not fully awake and ready to do anything for another few hours. I remember when I used to get up at 4:30 AM to go to work, I was never at peak performance until after lunch, in spite of a 4-5 mile walk around the perimeter of the manufacturing site where I worked, at 7:30 each morning. So, I may have to pass on the picnic, or show up a little later, but it's basically an afternoon event, so If I can't get there by at least 4:00 PM, there isn't much point in going. I think I can do it, but I'll have to force myself to get going right after breakfast, and not allow myself to do my normal morning routine of sitting peacefully at my computer, idling away the hours.

I think I may have to buy a new epilator soon. I have an Emjoi Emagine, that I have been using several times a week for about a year now, and it's starting to act up a bit. If I apply too much pressure, the gears slip. I don't know if the gears are getting worn, or if it just needs to be taken apart and given a good cleaning. It's quite possible that some hairs have gotten caught inside, and are binding up the drive mechanism. In all other respects, it's been an excellent epilator. Far better than than the several Epilady models I had before it. I'll never forget my first Epilady. It was torture device that Tomás de Torquemada himself would have been proud of. It consisted of a steel coil, shaped into a loop, that was in turn rotated by an electric motor. As the coil rotated, hairs would be caught in the coil and yanked out. Ouch! I never got past my mid thighs with it. It was just too painful. Then in the mid 90's, Epilady came out with the current rotating tweezer design. It was much more effective, and consequently less painful, but it only had one small row of rotating tweezers, so although less painful, it was slow going. Then I finally found the Emjoi. It was a far superior machine. With two large rows of very efficient rotating tweezers, I could do my entire body in about 45 minutes. That was about the same time it took to do just my legs, with my old Epilady. It may not be the Emjoi's fault that it is starting to fail. Admittedly, I am a hairy beast, and although I have done a good job of taming my very tenacious follicular demons, I'm not sure whether they, or my epilator are being put through their paces.

Melissa XX


Caroline said...

We want a full post about that picnic!

Caroline xxx

Véronique said...

My SilkÉpil from Braun has been doing well for me, and I don't clean it nearly as often as I should. Has the hair become any easier to deal with in time? I remember how awful it was when I was first epilating.

My manicure consists of a bit of a file and another coat of Nail Envy so they won't chip. :)

Hope you enjoy gathering and/or picnic, whatever you go to!

Calie said...

Now, you go to that picnic, girl. Oh, and bring a newspaper or two. They need you to protect them from those nasty black flies!

Calie xxx

Melissa said...

@ Caroline

I should be able to do a post about either the meeting, or the picnic. Hopefully both, but no guarantees. I have a hard enough time making it into town by 5:00 PM, for my mother's Monday night supper. Sometimes I wish I hadn't moved so far out of town. It really does become a major inconvenience, when you have to figure in an extra two hour round trip travel time, for anything you want to do.

@ Véronique'

It's been several weeks since I last did a manicure, and I haven't been wearing any nail polish to protect my nails from hot water and detergents. I'm ashamed to say they have gotten pretty raggedy. I'm going to have to use a cuticle remover gel, and smooth out the ridges and buff them, or applying a smooth even coat of polish is going to be next to impossible.

Nail Envy? I just ordered two bottles! Thanks for the tip!

As for the body hair. The hair on my legs has been reduced greatly, and even if I go for a couple of weeks, it's hardly noticeable, but I've been epilating my legs for twenty years. I just started doing the rest of my body about a year ago, and those areas still have to be done a couple of times a week, to keep up with the newly emerging hairs.

Melissa XX

Melissa said...

@ Calie

You mean I'm to be the designated fly swatter? :-( I think I'll stay home! ;-)

Melissa XX

Anonymous said...

I hope you went and enjoyed the picnic.
Thanks for your friendship Melissa. x

Melissa said...

@ Lisa

And thank you for your friendship as well, sweetie! What wonderful supportive group of girls we have here on Blogger!

Melissa XX