Thursday, June 10, 2010

What? My Blog Is More than Year Old?

Oh dear! Please excuse me!

While I was wallowing in self pity, I completely overlooked the fact that my blog has now passed the one year mark!

This has been a very positive experience for me! I have found a forum where I can reveal my true self, and in the process, I have met some of the most wonderful people! Thank you all, for the kind and supportive comments you have left here! I look forward to another year of revelation and self-discovery, as well as your thoughts and feelings, concerning not only my journey, but your's as well!

And now, for a few of my very special friends, but also for the rest of you as well (as long as you understand French).

Un baiser à vous tout !
Melissa XOXO


Halle said...

Thank you for the kindness and support you provide. Here's to this second year and many more!

Un baiser et gros câlin à vous, chers Melissa

Stace said...

Congratulations on the second year, here's looking to many more!

As to the French - I don't speak a word, but do work with a French colleague. But maybe I won't ask him to translate for me...


Véronique said...

Belated happy one year! I'm very glad one blog led me to another and finally here.

Grosses bises à toi aussi!

Lucy Melford said...

Moi aussi.

What a year you have had, Melissa! And not just great personal blogging, but just the right sort of comments on other people's blogs too. Put it this way: I feel I know you well, and I'm sure others must feel the same.

By the way, I thought you were good at German as well?


Anonymous said...

Salut Melissa, l'anniversaire Heureux. Je suis si content que vous avez commencé votre blog et estimez vraiment votre amitié. J'espère que nous avons beaucoup ans plus heureux partageant notre xx des vies

And for those not in the know it means

Hi Melissa, Happy anniversary. I am so glad that you started your blog and really value your friendship. I am hoping we have many more happy years sharing our lives. xx

Véronique said...

@Lisa: J'imagine que ça ne dérangerais pas Melissa si tu la tutoyais. :)

Jenny said...

Happy birthday Melissa's blog!

Bonne chance et merde pour les prochaines années!

Two Auntees said...

And just think, your blog is just the tip of the iceberg of your real transition, heres to many more happy and real years of Melissa.


Melissa said...

@ Lucy

Lucy, danke sehr, aber ich nur ein wenig Deutche sprechen.

Melissa XX


Unlike French, I actually do know a little bit of German (a very little bit),since I was born there, and attended Kindergarden,1st and 2nd grades, and later, 11th, and 12th grades there.

Melissa XX

Calie said...

And, thanks to your blog, I made a new friend...

Congratulations, Melissa, and please do keep writing.

Calie xxx

Robyn P said...

Félicitations pour votre premier anniversaire!

Personnellement, je préfère utiliser "Google Translate" car il semble plus précise bien qu'elle n'est pas parfaite ...

Or if you prefer German:

Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum einjährigen Jubiläum!

Persönlich bevorzuge ich mit "Google Translate", wie es scheint genauere obwohl es nicht perfekt ist ...

Leslie Ann said...

I feel like I've stumbled into the tower of Babel here. Maybe I should send wishes in Esperanto.

Great blog, Melissa, and an even better person. I hope there are many more years.