Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Question For The Blogger Braintrust

Does anyone know how to download an I-Tunes file from my I-Mac to a blog entry?


Naukishtae said...

Melissa, you would have to upload it to YouTube, or another site that does music, and then link it to your blog.. hope this helps... be Blessed my friend...

Melissa said...

Thank you Naukishtae! Sometimes I still feel like a complete illiterate, when it comes to computer competence, even though I have been using them for over ten years now!

Melissa XX

Melissa said...

Well, I tried Youtube and it seemed to upload OK, but then I tried to download it to my blog, and it wouldn't work!

Melissa XX (open for further suggestions)

Halle said...

Don't feel bad, I have spent a most of my life working with a computer and wouldn't have thought of that. What is really amazing though is that most of 'my collection' seems to already be 'out there' in some form, including (I am really old kids) some of my 78's.

Good luck figuring it out. I can hardly wait to hear what you have decided to share!



VĂ©ronique said...

Melissa, once the file is on YouTube, there should be options either for embedding a player or for just posting a link. There's a whole pile of code for an embedded player that you just copy into your blog entry.

Calie said...

Melissa, if you can convert it to a MP3 file, you can do what I do on my T-Tunes blog. Go to this post:

Suzanne Vega - As Girls Go

If that is what you want to do, let me know. Oh, and listen to the song if you haven't heard it.

Calie xxx

Simone said...

Hi Melissa,
I sent you a code for a stand alone player. I hope it works! ~ S