Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Sad Note Left On The Pillow

Another one of my favorite bloggers has decided to shut down her blog, and delete her history. I completely respect her decision, and I fully understand why she did it. Her transition is now complete, and she is anxious to get on with her new life. There is no longer any need, and probably no desire to be conspicuously associated with the transgender community anymore. After all, who of us ever entered this exitence to become life long card carrying members of a static transgender society? No......all we ever wanted to be, was one of the girls.

I know without a doubt, that she still holds dear, all of us who remain behind, and I'm sure she won't decline any attempts at private communications, but the girl........uhm......make that the woman has moved on. Farewell sweetie! You brought joy to our hearts, with your exceptionally wonderful sense of humor and light hearted entries, as well as touching our hearts occasionally with your deeper thoughts. I for one, and I'm sure others as well, will sorely miss your presence. Your posts had become such a comforting fixture here on Blogger.

By now, I'm sure you have all figured out that I am talking about The Candyfloss Girl, our very own sweet NickyB.

Goodbye and good luck sweetie!
Melissa XX


Caroline said...

Yesterday I was playing Nicky's video of my request for "all along the watchtower" to my visitors as we were waiting in the airport for their flight home.

Then when I got back to base I tried to show my sister in law the marvellous explanation of the offside rule for ballkicking soccer using shopping in a competitive sale situation to clearly make the point, the page only posted this week was gone. All that priceless history of a successful escape from our situation gone for ever, nothing left to encourage someone standing on the edge of the abyss...

Nicky is gone from our lives and will be greatly missed here but we can only wish her well in her new life unencumbered with any "T" baggage.

Those darn hormones mean I have to go and shed a few tears...

Caroline xxx

Two Auntees said...

Sorry to hear that someone has decided to drop out of blogging and attempt to blend. But she had discovered her path to transition and chose to share her successes and stumbles as long as she chose. It is sad to loose the connection of her experiences which might have helped someone else in their struggles. We all seem to re-create the wheel, so to speak, as we transition our own way.

Hope that we all find peace and healing as we travel our own journey.

VĂ©ronique said...

That is sad, especially since I'm finding out here. Thank you for letting us know. I wish Nicky nothing but the best! I can't promise I won't do the same at some point, although I don't want to lose touch with people.

Lucy Melford said...

It was a surprise to me too.

Mind you, Nicky had already deleted pretty well everything only a short while back. So the writing may have been on the wall then. But recently she had been making post after post. I can't even guess what has now made her say goodbye to blogging entirely, although she does say that she's still tweeting. I didn't often comment on her blog, but it was one of the first I followed and I will miss it.

I met Nicky in person just the once, at Debbie's bedside in Brighton.


Melissa said...

@ Lucy

Re: I met Nicky in person just the once, at Debbie's bedside in Brighton.

Then you are far more privileged than I am, Lucy! I have never even laid eyes on her, yet I absolutely adore her! Not that I Don't adore you too!

Melissa XX