Saturday, June 5, 2010

Well, The Annual Picnic Came & Went..........

.....and I didn't go. I had been looking forward to this event for months, and wouldn't you know that it would come on a day when temperatures would soar up into mid nineties. I looked at the weather on several times this afternoon, and it was 93° F, with a heat index of 104°F, out here where I live. Where the picnic was being held, it was 95°F, with a heat index of 107°F! My apologies to the group for not showing up, but that's just way too hot to spend an afternoon in a wig. I was willing to go without make up, and considering how hot it was, I'm sure no one would have cared despite my facial hair shadow, but I drew the line at going bald. My support group is a cherished refuge. It's the one place I can always count on, to go to and be the real me. No one in my group has ever seen me as anyone other than Melissa, and for now at least, I'd like to keep it that way.

I went out and walked around the yard taking pictures for about fifteen minutes this evening and even then, though the temperature had dropped back into the upper 80's, it was still so humid that it was stifling, and I soon beat a hasty retreat into the air conditioned comfort of my house. This is unusually hot weather for this time of year. We normally don't get this hot, until July, but this has been a unusual year weather wise all around, starting with the early big snow last December, the two subsequent big snows in January and February, and then the sudden onset of an exceptionally warm spring. We'll just blame it on that guy, El Nino, he'll never know the difference. ;-)

Remember what it looked like here just a little over three months ago, with snow piled everywhere? Well look at it now!

And I even have hickory nuts growing!

A warm sweaty hug to all!
Melissa XX


Lucy Melford said...

Sweaty hug back - it's getting pretty warm here, too, but it's only what you might consider refreshingly cool and fresh!

I must say, those woods look inviting.

Although I remember trying on wigs in the dim and distant past - my Mum's and my ex's - I don't quite recall how they feel. But I'm guessing it's like wearing a Davy Crockett hat without the racoon tail - definitely for cool conditions only. I don't blame you for staying indoors, and I know I'd forego that picnic if I'd die of heat stroke. It beats me how people were able to function in 19th century Virginia, wearing all those 'Gone With The Wind' style fancy clothes, especially the girls. I seem to recall from the film that they had to take afternoon siestas, while fanned by their servants. All right for some!


Caroline said...

Ok, We got a picnic blog so you are forgiven! What a shame about that sticky heat and you can't just drive to the beach and throw yourself into the cooling waves like I can just now. Don't suppose they make slightly thinner wigs for those a little older types like us who do not want to die of heat stroke.

What will you do in July?

Caroline xxx

Melissa said...

@ Lucy

The woods may look inviting but it's best not wander off the beaten path into them during the summer months, unless you're fond of poison ivy and bug bites. They are especially fun to peer into in the evening, just as it's starting to get dark. They come alive with the flashes of fire flies then.

@ Caroline

Actually the wig I wear is called a Whisper Light style. It's very light weight, and it has an open weft design, so it is not all that hot under normal circumstances, but to protect the wig from sweat and oil, you have to wear a wig liner, which is essentially a nylon stocking, and that tends to hold the heat in. But at 95°F, I think I would have been miserable even without the wig.

Melissa XX

Anonymous said...

You know there is a perfect temperature and 95 F is not it. That is just to hot.
I love days between 70F and 75F. Thats just perfect.
I do love the photographs. You will be having an exhibition in France soon with work like that!

VĂ©ronique said...

95°F is not fit for man or beast! Especially if it's humid as well. I bet everyone at the picnic was roasting, whether wearing a wig or not.